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The Unchained Woman Anthology, Luna Claire Publishing (December 12, 2019)
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October, 2018
Article: Ego & The Evolution Of Human Consciousness, OM Times Magazine

March, 2016
Poem: Burning Within, Magical Goddess Magazine – (pg. 22-23)


Interview: My Experiences With Debilitating Mental Health Challenges, Anja Sagan with Roxanne Derhodge

Interview: I Am Lucy Power Podcast –  Episode 3: Surviving Complexities & Thriving: A Conversation Between Anja Sagan And Lucy Power

Anja Sagan

I write to share stories about the power in the human spirit. About seeing the mythic beyond the mundane.

I also adamantly believe

Adversity can become a chrysalis of transformation. Based on my own experiences, I had no idea I could do film, act or write professionally before I went through the mental illness. That all emerged after I came back from that hellish “oblivion”. That kind of initiation is the Shaman’s path.

As I emerged from that debilitating illness through Shamanic healing, I started writing poetry and quickly became addicted to the beauty and mythic power of storytelling. Not long after that, I discovered film and I have never looked back.

I write and also create my films to inspire people and help them understand that even the most negative things we go through are in fact the ways the Universe/The Divine/”God” (or whatever you know Divine Power as); uses the discomfort to those experiences to crack open our self-limiting ‘shells’. These painful things that raze us to the ground, are like a chrysalis that liquefy the ego. Once we go through those experiences, we are never the same. They strengthen and deepen us. They erase the misperceptions that we are only these bodies and that we are defined by our labels.

Our souls are genderless, they have no race, religion or sexual orientation. They are infinite consciousness, infinite power and unconditional love by their very nature. It is our souls that drive us, animate our physical forms and are the only thing that can define the true depths of our potential, which is in fact, limitless.

** (Please refer to my blog post “Stumbling Onto The Shaman’s Path”)

To my visitors, readers & audience – none thing I want more than anything is to let people know that no matter what you’re facing, you’re not alone. Your dreams and passions in life matter and are worth pursuing even if you don’t believe they could ever come true. I never believed I would ever know anything but the mental illness and suffering I went through. It was agonizing at times but those experiences opened up the depths of my creativity and allowed me to emerge from that process into a life I would never have imagined.

Stories are journeys. Words hold the magic of communication as well as the transmission of love and intention from the author. I pour my heart and soul into my writing , even when I share the raw, most painful and challenging moments in my life (in my memoir) in the hopes that my readers can see that someone can go as far into the darkness as I did, and still come back again.

We were created to live vibrantly, love abundantly and have our real-life stories unfold in alignment, guided by our soul’s compass. Anything is possible because we create our own reality.

Coming Soon…

I’m writing my memoir, entitled “Back From Oblivion”.

It chronicles my experiences beginning with being in a dead-end job, a relationship that was flatlining that got so bad I unwittingly joined a cult. Giving away more and more control of my life, I fell into severe mental illness. I had full-blown schizophrenia, acute anxiety disorder, severe depression, was institutionalized several times and scheduled for electroshock therapy. I never believed I would emerge from it but I did resurface through Shamanic energy healing work.

This book is currently being turned into a screenplay for a feature film. 


This is my short film, “Emerging From Ice Into Fire” that was in the 2016 Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival – Workman Arts Shorts Program. It offers a bite-sized glimpse at the story behind “Back From Oblivion” and what it was like:



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